Hungry Bin

Using the power of worms, hungry bin is a new type of compost system, and is now available for the first time in the UK via

Simple yet attractive in design, the new hungry bin is set to change the way we think about composting. Hungry bin is one of the fastest and easiest ways to produce high quality fertilizer and liquid plant food, which are amazing for your garden. The worms in a hungry bin can process up to 2 kg of kitchen scraps per day, which is more than double the household average.

What was a backbreaking and messy process is now quick, clean, and simple. The unique continuous flow system of the hungry bin was designed and developed over a period of six years in New Zealand. Hungry bin offers households and businesses alike a convenient way to reduce their waste stream.

It is a simple process to collect both the finished compost and the liquid produced by the hungry bin. Hungry bin also has wheels, so it is as easy to move as a standard wheelie bin. 

Hungry Bin has a larger surface area than other wormeries in the market, resulting in a greater population of worms. This reduces the time it takes to convert food waste into compost. The tapered shape of the bin compresses the compost as it forms, encouraging the worms to the surface, which makes the hungry bin more efficient than other systems. This also ensures that worms don't have to be separated from the finished castings, which are then collected in an easily removable container. 

Says Omlet’s Johannes Paul, “The beauty of Hungry Bin’s continuous flow system is that it's so simple to use. It’s like a slice of a worm’s natural habitat in the soil. Hungry bin makes composting effortless as there’s no lifting of heavy stacking trays and worm compost is the best there is.”

Says Low Impact’s Ben Bell, Inventor and designer of hungry bin, “The whole idea of hungry bin is to make a slow and messy process normally associated with hard work as simple as possible. Our customers have achieved amazing results in New Zealand and I’m sure that the customers in the UK will find the same thing.”

Hungry Bin is available to order directly from, or by calling 0845 450 2056, priced from £175. 

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