The Azorean Garden

Hampton Court Flower  Show 2012 will soon be upon us, and one of the gardens that has caught our attention is The Azorean Garden. This garden depicts the volcanic character and sub-tropical planting of the islands of the Azores. Inspiration has been taken from the geological features of the islands, and from theirimpressive botanical gardens.

Features of the garden include an Azorean pool and waterfall, vines in black basalt planters reminiscent of Pico's UNESCO World Heritage vineyards, a steaming fumarole (a geological feature) and an underground oven where the traditional dish cozido is cooked. The surface of the garden is covered with scoria, a naturally-occurring volcanic gravel. Planting includes zantedeschia, canna lillies and ferns, creating an informal hedge characteristic of the islands. The structural planting consists of tree ferns, palms and deciduous broadleaved trees underplanted by shrubs and grasses.

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