Growing vegetables in pots

Lots of people don't really have enough room for a vegetable patch or are able to get an allotment, but many delicious varieties of salad, vegetable and fruit will do well in pots and containers and don't take up much space. Follow our guide if you want to grow your fruit and vegetables on patios, balconies, windowsills and roof gardens. There is a whole range of crops suitable for growing in pots. As always for the widest selection and variety of veg, grow from them seed, but if you don't mind exactly what variety you grow, then buy ready grown plants or plug plants from your local garden centres.

For the best results try to use smaller more compact plants for example sweet peppers, chilli peppers, aubergine or trailing types of tomatoes, as opposed to tall growing vegetables such as Brussels sprouts that require an abundance of water and are more susceptible to being blown over in the wind. With lettuces for example, select types that you pick a few leaves at a time rather than having to harvest the entire plant in one go. Herbs are particularly suitable to be planted on their own or try growinga selection of different varieties in a strawberry tower.

If growing your plants from seed, always check the instructions that come on the back of the packet. Start them off in small pots or seed trays before planting into larger pots or scatter the seed across the surface of the compost and water in. If you are going to grow larger fruit bushes for example blueberries, figs, peaches or apricots then select a larger pot and make sure you check the compost requirements on the plant label. If you can involve the children then it makes it a fun activity for the whole family.

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  1. Your vegetables actually look quite good. I've never really had much luck doing this, everything looks cute but not what I would call a real harvest.


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