The Differences between a lean to and a Freestanding Greenhouse

When it comes to greenhouse growing, it is important that your greenhouse suits your requirements. Different designs provide different benefits, so you will need to explore what is available to decide what type of structure is right for you.  

Freestanding greenhouses and lean to greenhouses are amongst the most popular greenhouse designs. Both provide a number of benefits. Gabriel Ash offers a selection of freestanding and lean to greenhouses that are designed to provide you with everything you need to fully enjoy your gardening hobby.  

The main difference between a freestanding greenhouse and a lean to greenhouse is that one is a standalone structure and the other is attached to a building. A freestanding greenhouse does not need to be supported by another structure or building whilst a lean to greenhouse is usually attached to the wall of a main property.  

A freestanding greenhouse is the perfect choice for those in need of a larger structure. A freestanding greenhouse provides the following benefits:  

  • Plenty of space for growing a selection of plants. A freestanding design is the perfect choice for those in need of a larger design that can accommodate a variety of plants.  

  • Suitable for a spacious garden. Freestanding greenhouses are the perfect choice for those who have plenty of space in their garden.  

  • Available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Freestanding designs are ideal for those in need of something spacious and stylish. There are many designs available, including Victorian and Edwardian designs.  

  • Does not need to be supported by another structure or main building. A freestanding greenhouse is a standalone structure, so you are provided with more freedom when it comes to deciding where to place it in your garden.  

  • Provides plenty of natural sunlight. As a freestanding greenhouse is not attached to a wall, your plants are provided with more access to natural sunlight.  

  • Ideal for those wishing to opt for a more impressive design. A freestanding greenhouse is not only ideal for those in need of extra space to grow a selection of plants but also those wishing to enhance the look of their garden. 

For those in need of a smaller, more affordable design, a lean to greenhouse is more ideal. A lean to greenhouse provides the following advantages: 

  • More compact design. A lean to greenhouse is the perfect solution for those with a small garden that are in need of a space-saving structure.  

  • More affordable. Lean to greenhouses are a great choice for those looking for a budget-friendly design. A lean to design costs less to build due to it being attached to a wall and the easy access to utilities such as water and electricity means that you can reduce your energy bills.  

  • Easy access to water and electricity. As well as allowing you to reduce your energy bills, the easy access to water and electricity also provides more convenience when it comes to caring for your plants.  

By looking at the main differences and advantages of freestanding greenhouses and lean to greenhouses, you can decide which design will best suit your needs and enhance your gardening experience.  

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