Old Gardeners World Garden now an "Urban Veg Hub"

After Gardeners World relocated to Montys personal Garden in 2010 many of us wondered what would happen to the former playing fields turned garden in Birmingham, so with new land drainage applied it has a new life.

The garden, which is owned by the nearby King Edwards School, has been taken over by staff at the adjoining Winterbourne House and Botanic Garden, who have turned it into a hub for "urban vegetable growing."

 "We want the centre to breakdown the misconception that you need an acre, a garden or an allotment to grow your own vegetables. There's an awful lot that you can do with just a balcony, like growing tomato plants and even if you've got a small yard you can get some planters and grow a great crop." revealed Anna Williams from Winterbourne.

 Ms Williams continued : "Traditionally, people that come to visit botanic gardens are not necessarily representative of the communities which we live in.

"Birmingham is a very multi-cultural city and we felt that it would be great to break down those boundaries and get people into the garden who may have thought in the past it wasn't for them."

Its fantastic that a the site is being used by members of the local community and being turned very much into a community asset.

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