Tree ferns on the Move?

In the Temperate House at Kew Gardens a number of unusual looking brown circles have appeared round the base of a number of tree ferns..

The Temperate House is due for renovation and to avoid damaging the plants many need to be removed. These tree ferns root easily into soil placed round them so Kew have placed plastic round the bases and filled with compost for them to root into. The plastic has been wrapped in the hessian above.Eventually the pots can be severed at the ground and a safely re-rooted plant can be removed for safe storage during renovation for replanting again at the end of the project.


  1. They almost look like chimneys coming out of the ground! :) S x

  2. Kew is one of my favourite gardens. The temperate house has looked bad for a couple of years now. I hope the repair work starts soon.


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