Christmas Tree Fungus

Not only are we suffering with Ash Dieback but now a mystery fungus is attacking the humble Christmas Tree. A recent report in the Telegragh explains:
"The mysterious disease, called current season double needle necrosis (CSNN), turns needles brown during the summer before they drop off.

It is thought the disease was imported from the Caucasus in the seeds of Nordmann firs, the species that accounts for four in five Christmas trees sold in Britain.

While relatively few trees have been hit this year, there has been a reported surge in cases since 2009 with no fungicide yet found to halt it.

More than 150 growers across the country have been affected with the majority reporting damage to up to three per cent of their stock.

But some have reported more than 15 per cent of their crops have been damaged, with one farmer experiencing a third of his crop being killed. Many have lost tens of thousands of pounds in lost trees."
Lets hope that this doesn't take hold in the same way or cause the same devastating impact, with over 7 million Christmas trees being sold in the UK each year 2 million of which are home grown. There are fears that this problem could lead to increased prices. Whilst this fungus has been noticed in other parts of the world for at least 20 years its only been reported in the UK for the past three.

A spokeswoman for Defra, the environment ministry, which oversees plant imports, said: "Our risk assessments mean we can quickly put in place measures to prevent diseases and stop their spread as early as possible." Lets hope they are not too late in dealing with this problem.

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  1. Is this the same problem as the fungus affecting the Ash Trees?


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