Preparing the Greenhouse for Winter

If you have a greenhouse or even a coldframe, lean-to or conservatory, then you should be thinking about preparing it for use over winter or for the growing season next year. A greenhouse is ideal for storing plants over the winter, but they need a bit of preparation first. .

Cleaning: Before starting it is important to clean the greenhouse, removing algae build up, grime and any left over debris from the summer.

Insulating: to protect plants over winter add insulation, big bubble bubble wrap is ideal. Of course insulation on its own will not keep out the coldest temperatures so its worth adding a small heater. Either electric if you have a safe supply or a paraffin heater.

Soil care: if you have beds in the greenhouse then remove weeds and consider enriching the soil for next year.

Pest and diseases: As part of the cleaning regime ensure pests and disease are dealt with, fungal problems can be solved by the use of anti-fungal treatments. If you have pest problems then treat these, either organically or via a pesticide.

Plant care: tidy the plants you plan to store, cut back any dead or damaged sections and remove dead leaves. Keep removing any leaves that fall over winter to reduce teh risk of rot or fungal problems.

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