Forests Not to be Sold Off


The UK government has announced that it has scrapped plans to sell off publicly owned forests in England. It has stated that instead a new public body will be created that will hold in trust the nation's forests to secure them for future generations. Environment Secretary Owen Paterson was responding to a report that called the estate a "national asset" that should not be sold off, not only that but he has stated that forest cover should be increased to 15% from the current 10% at present.

Sue Holden, chief executive of The Woodland Trust, said "Trees and woods have been on everyone's minds recently, they are threatened by disease and development and the public are extremely concerned. The Woodland Trust has lobbied with the help of members and supporters for the IPF's remaining strong and viable recommendations to be adopted as a whole."

"I hope it will state an ambition for society to benefit more by setting a target for woodland expansion, and that it will commit to the protection and restoration of irreplaceable ancient woodland," she told BBC News.

Fantastic news that the forests will not be sold off!


  1. This is great news Claire, you must be relieved.

    1. It is great, the campaigns to get the government to change their mind were a success. Nice to know people power can work.

  2. A) Giant Musselburgh


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