Going CooCoo for Cucamelon

How cool are these, not a melon and not a cucumber but a cucamelon. One of the highlights of James Wongs new book "Home Grown Revolution".

Described by the seed company as follows:
An heirloom that packs a lot of flavor in an adorable, teaspoon-sized treat! These little charmers are like no other, packing a powerful, sweet, cucumber flavor with a tangy, citrus twist. Delicate foliage and fist-fulls of fruit that look like doll-sized watermelons make these plants pretty enough to grow trellised in a flower garden or cascading in a hanging basket.
They are very small, just an inch and a half tall, light-green fruits with darker mottling look like watermelons for a doll house, which gives them one of their common names, mouse melon. The scientific name of this plant is Melothria scabra and it comes from Central America. The flesh is white, crisp, crunchy with a slight lemony tartness. The flavour is closer to a cucumber than a melon with a dash of lemony zest thrown in for good measure.


  1. Never heard of these but they do look adorable!

  2. Never heard of these but they do look adorable!

  3. Those look interesting. They remind me of the lemon cucumbers (also an heirloom) that I used to grow. They looked sort of like lemons but tasted like cucumbers. And I did try to grow the watermelon radishes that seemed to be popular a few years ago but had no luck with them. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. These look awesome! Do you just pop them in your mouth like a berry or do you have to spit out the seeds?


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