How to Grow Carrots

Fresh carrots straight from your garden or allotment are one of the best vegetables in my opinion, and quite often I will harvest, wash and then eat them raw!
You can sow them outside from next month, in a well prepared bed, they need to be sown in rows fairly thinly into a well-raked soil free from stones and with a good crumbly texture - in a trench no deeper than your thumbnail Cover with a fine layer of compost or sieved dry soil and then water.

For a continuous supply of carrots, sow a row seeds every fortnight. As the seeds germinate you may need to thin them out a little more so they don't compete with each other. Once they ar ebig enough to handle remove the weaker carrots , leaving one carrot every inch. It is best to do this in the evening or on a damp day to avoid attracting carrot fly.

You should be able to start harvesting after about 12 weeks.

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