Allotment Crops this year

With the lovely weather we were able to spend some time on the allotment checking on the seeds that have already germinated, potting some on and removing excess seedlings, as well as sowing some additional seeds.

I got rather carried away earlier this year with our order from Suttons, who have a large range of really interesting, unusual and heritage seeds in their grow your own section.

Here are some of what we will be eating later this year:

We are growing 3 different tomatoes this year, the first of which is Guiletta

This is a large Italian style plum tomato, which is a good cropper and is pretty resistant to disease. I started most of my seedlings off in March, but there is still just about time to start some off. All my tomatoes will be in the greenhouse, which this one requires.

The next tomato we are growing this year is the golden pearl:

Again this will in the greenhouse but this one can also be grown outside, Golden Pearl is a sweet tasting cherry type tomato with  lovely golden yellow colour. This is going to look lovely in salads later in the year.

The final tomato we are growing is Fantasio:

This is another that will do well outside but again it will be in the greenhouse, this is another good cropper and is also pretty resistant to disease. We grew this last year and its a very tasty tomato!

As well as the tomatoes the courgette seeds are now up, this is the first time we have grown courgettes, so im looking forward to seeing how they do, and then seeing how they taste.

We selected "Atena" to try this year.

Atena has a lovely colour and will reach about 8" in size. Hopefully these will do well for us!

My French beans are also doing well, i probably started these a little bit too early as they really do need to be planted out asap, but we still have the risk of frosts so I'm going to wait a little bit longer on these. I selected Masterpiece from Suttons, which is a good cropper and is ready for harvesting relatively early. I will sow more seeds over the rest of spring to ensure we have a good supply of beans though out the summer.

We also are growing onions, garlic, carrots and potatoes and no doubt plenty of things \I have forgotten like all the salad crops. Plus the herb garden should do really well this year.

If you haven't started then there is still just about time to get many of your seeds started off, and rather conveniently Suttons have a 3 for 2 offer on vegetable seeds for April :)


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