MPs call for Pesticides linked to Bumblebee deaths to be Banned

Members of the Commons Environmental Audit Committee have suggested that the government should suspend the use of a number of pesticides linked to the deaths of bees. The committe are calling for a moratorium on the use of sprays containing neonicotinoids.

Britain has so far refused to back an EU ban on these particular chemicals saying their impact on bees is unclear. But MPs say this is an "extraordinarily complacent" approach. Wild species such as honey bees are said by researchers to be responsible for pollinating around one-third of the world's crop production.

The report by the Commons Environmental Audit Committee was published today, acknowledges that no-one knows the exact reason why two-thirds of the insects that pollinate plants are disappearing. Possible causes may also include climate change, or disease as well as the loss of habitat. However increasing amounts of research now suggests that the pesticides are to blame. The findings somewhat unsurprisingly are disputed by the very chemical firms who make the poisons. They have engaged their own scientists who have produced their own findings, but they will not allow independent scientists to review their work. In other words the chemical firms are fudging the issue as they want to make money at the bumblebees expense.


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