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As regular readers will be aware I am planning something of a major overhaul to our patio area this year. We have been in our home for about 3 years or so now and have concentrated on the house, the rest of the garden and the allotment, but the turn has come for the patio.

I had mentioned about a pond, and sorting out the fencing, but another key element to the design will be the patio furniture itself. Our tired old plastic furniture just isn't up to the job any more, it wasn't particularly expensive and is past its best. But it won't be discarded I am going to take it down to the allotment as I think a flask of tea and a packed lunch will go down a treat on it!

So thinking about what to have next. Our neighbours have a fantastic swing seat (similar to this one at the Internet Gardener) on their patio, but as space is limited and I want to include a small pond, then I don't think I can fit one in.

I was having a bit of  look into what is available, and its is incredible just how many options there are, hardwood, plastic (some is very stylish and modern), rattan etc. Iam currently thinking of trying to get something of a lounge feel to the garden so am leaning towards rattan

One set I found I particularly like was this rattan garden sofa set from The Internet Gardener, complete with armchair and coffee table.The modern rattan garden sets are not actually made from the traditional rattan palm, but from a woven and usually reinforced plastic. This means they wont rot or get damaged as easily as rattan would when exposed to the weather. Many sets also feature all weather cushions, that are plastic coated rather than fabric so they wont absorb water and can be left out all summer long, it is still better to take them in over winter but you don't have to if space is limited.

I can just imagine us relaxing here on this after work or an evening on the allotment with a glass of wine and something nice to eat.

I still have so much more to think about, like lighting and the paving for instance, but for now I think I am pretty much sold on going for dark rattan.

Whilst I think I have made up my mind as to which one to go for there is still plenty of time to choose, we haven't started the hard landscaping work yet which means I need to choose the paving fairly soon!

Regardless its good fun to look at all the options!


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  1. That patio set is lovely, I can see why you like it.


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