Planning The Patio Makeover

Spring finally seems to have arrived and with it this year have come high winds, which can be incredibly frustrating, leading to quite a messy garden and causing some chaos on the allotment - frost fleece protecting early germinating crops was blow all over the place!

We have to replace a couple of fence panels by the patio as a result, although to be honest they needed doing last year and had been putting this job off. But the wind has brought that job forward!

I had mentioned a little while ago about upgrading the patio by giving it a makeover, so with new fence panels going up on one side I can concentrate on planning the rest of the changes.

At the moment the patio area really does need some new flooring, the old concrete flags are not that stylish, but whether we go for decking, stone or a nicer concrete finish, I have not really planned just yet what we will have.

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago I am really keen on putting in a garden water feature. This has given me more to think about that I had originally planned, I want to keep fish - not koi but just typical goldfish. However I want to take my responsibilities to my new pets seriously, after all they will be pets  in the garden and so I would prefer them to be well looked after and also healthy and safe.

There are a lot of websites online dedicated to fish keeping, if you look into the set ups needed to keep koi to a good standard then this can be extremely expensive, but for a small goldfish pond the costs are far more reasonable. I have been looking at the Hozelock pond pumps (such as this one illustrated from the Sam Turner website), which can provide a feed to the filter that will be hidden next to the pond. Hozelock as a company are well known to me, and presumably many other gardeners, having an excellent reputation for hosepipes and other garden irrigation. But not only, I have discovered, do they produce irrigation they also make a number of pond products. Based on the quality of the equipment I have used previously I have no doubt that these will also be of a good quality.

Before we decide on the patio flooring we will add an electricity supply to the area, or rather we will get an electrician in to set this up for us.

Once that is in I can begin preparing the pond and landscaping before finally laying the new patio itself. I'm really looking forward to this all coming together and spending a lovely summer (hopefully!!!) enjoying spending time on the new patio (when I'm not chasing after fleece on the allotment!).

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  1. Great to hear you upgrade soon or late you had to because some times wind can be really irritating ,it can really damage your garden and beauty of the whole place so nice to hear through your post that the work is done, the water pump idea also appears cool atleast during dusty days it can control some dust


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