Sun Lounger for My Mother-In-Law

After blogging the other day about our planned makeover for the patio, my Mother-in-Law (to be) read the post and reminded me that she was planning to replace their sun-loungers on their terrace. They had a garden designer in last year to give their large terrace area a facelift, with new stone flags, low walls and a bubble pool water feature added.

They were not sure as to what furniture would look good and so decided to wait a while and used the garden last year with their old furniture. A new table, chairs and sun parasol were purchased last autumn in the sales but their old sun loungers had been retained.

With my post on our patio jogging MIL's interest I was asked to help her choose new loungers. An easy task you would think but with so many options available I needed to help narrow down the styles she liked best.

So with a day off yesterday we spent the afternoon drinking tea, eating cake and surfing the web to narrow down the choices.

The old loungers were traditional hardwood ones, and to be honest are quite a classic. But MIL wanted a change so these were donated to her neighbour and hardwood was excluded from the search.

There are some fabulous plastic designs available, I suggested the Tic Lounge Chair, although this was discounted as being too modern (and although it comes in other colours they are all rather bright!)

We explored a number of other plastic designs but despite me loving many of them MIL decided they were not for her.

We stumbled onto the Wovenhill Website which specialises in rattan style furniture, and I quickly discovered I was onto a winner (wahay!!). They had several rattan style loungers, which are modern enough for my taste but stylish and traditional enough for hers.

I think we eventually found a winner in the Black Cuba design. And as luck would have it these are on special offer at the moment with £50 off, free delivery and the cushions and pads included in the price - even better. So not only did I help navigate the various options we found what she wanted in the sale! How good is that!

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  1. I just love the first bright green one, i'd go for that although I expect it has quite a high price tag.

    Well done on finding something you both like.


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