Sweat Peas

As well as the various veggies I am also growing Sweet Peas from Seed this year. I havent grown these before but they really are nice and simple to grow. You can start them off in  small pots of compost in autumn and overwinter the sweet pea seedlings in your cold frame or a cool greenhouse.

Alternatively you can do what we did and wait until spring arrives, and then sow them in pots or directly into the ground. You should soak the dry seeds in tepid water to rehydrate them before sowing.  This will help your seeds germinate more quickly but it isn’t essential as you can still get them to germinate in moist compost.

If you do decide to soak them overnight you will notice that they swell up and turn a lovely chestnut colour.

As with all seeds using a good quality seed compost will reap rewards, and sow several seeds to a pot. Sow the sweet pea seeds about half an inch 1cm deep and then cover them over with a fine compost and water them in well. You can cheat and buy plugs as well if you want. Make sure you keep your seedlings away from slugs or use a good quality slug pellet/ organic control as you prefer.


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