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I mentioned yesterday about adding irrigation to our patio, which got me thinking about giving it more of a makeover this year. I always think a garden is not complete without a pond. The patio area is not large but a reasonable sized pond with some goldfish and perhaps a small fountain would finish it off nicely.

The sound of water always adds another dimension to the garden, with a gentle trickle or small fountain obscuring the background noise - we are close to the main road so there is usually a hum of traffic which would be nice to disguise.

So we can get a good view of the fish I want to build a raised pond so that when you sit next to it you are pretty much at the same level as they are.

This is the sort of thing I am thinking of, built from railway sleepers rather than brick, so that its simple to put together and is not permanent if we change our mind and want to change the patio area or move it somewhere else. This will be able to sit on the patio slabs itself without having to dig down and disturb everything.

I want to use new sleepers rather than reclaimed ones. You can get them at most garden centers or builders merchants, and unlike reclaimed ones you dont get that smell or tar or the risk of tar on your clothes. Plus I can stain them to match the fences and tie everything together. By building it from sleepers the walls will be wide enough to sit on so it can double up as extra seating when we have visitors or just to allow me to sit on it with a glass of wine in an evening and feed the goldfish.

So that I can keep the fish healthy we will add a pond filter such as these from Bradshaws, which will be connected to a submersible pond pump. We already have a power supply onto the patio so this can simply be plugged in. Just in case you are thinking of doing the same make sure any power to the garden is protected by an RCD. As the pond itself won't be too big we don't need a huge filter, which is great so it can be easily hidden behind some of my summer pot displays.

Of course if you have the space you could have a much bigger pond and keep koi, but you will need a bigger filter. Goldfish are fairly easy to keep, and to be honest would probably do ok without a filter. But by adding a filter you avoid getting green water and keep the fish much healthier - they will probably grow bigger and better too.

Now all I need to do is plan the exact location and get started!


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  1. Looking forward to seeing how this develops


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