Almost The Real Deal

We have quite a small front garden which had been paved over by a previous resident of our house. Its not the prettiest but we have added colourful pots and plants to improve it. However it is also quite shady so the paving gets quite mossy and unsightly.

We had the idea of adding  small lawn and to make it look more like a garden, but with it so shady, and also the work in removing the slabs and whatever it underneath I decided against it - seemed like far too much like hard work.

So... options, what else could we do to make this ugly front garden look pretty again... I was going to just add more pots and see how that looked when I stumbled on to the Lakeland Furniture website (I was actually looking for more furniture ideas), and a brainwave struck...

What if we had astro turf!!!

Not the itchy and scratchy stuff associated with sports pitches - you know the stuff, covered in sand and like a brillo pad, so much so if you slide on it you can end up with a rather unpleasant rash... but a softer garden  based fake grass.

Lake Turf Grass from Lakeland

I used to think this stuff was quite obvious and not very convincing at all, but I had seen some at an exhibition   a year or so ago and was quite impressed, however I had no need for any - until now!

The good stuff is not a cheap option - although its not that expensive, especially when you factor in all that time you dont have to cut it any more (yay!!!), and it will look good in shady places like my front garden where the real stuff would suffer. My neighbours have a "lawn" which is 90% dandelions, and as they dont cut them enough I get the seeds and baby dandelions in all my pots... (grrr!!)

How good does that look, and no mowing!

So problem solved, now lets hope its easy to lay in place!

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