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The make over for the patio continues apace, with the new fencing completed, and looking lovely. We were rather fortunate as one of our neighbours was having a big run of fencing put up and we asked the fence company to do ours at the same time. What a lovely job they did too, so that really sets the patio off, far better than the shabby old fences we had before.

I just need to paint them now - although I haven't decided yet what colour to go for, possibly a cream colour rather than a dark wood stain, maybe even try and match the painted walls on the back of the house. Which reminds me they need a new coat of paint too!

I am still deciding on the paving stones to use. We have narrowed it down to a handful of choices, all are natural stone, and I want to tie together the paving colour with the fences. I have chosen several shades of sandstone - there is a lovely stone yard quite local to us that have given me samples of the stone i liked. I'll no doubt have a decision soon!!

Current first choice for the patio...

The pond is ready to be built too. I have had the new railway sleepers delivered along with some rather dramatic looking metal fixings, I had not anticipated needing such chunky looking screws to hold it together but best to be safe than have any problems! My Dad and Brother have been roped in to built it, so that should be done next weekend. Then I can sort out the pond liner, and filtration.

The final decision is the garden furniture. I seem to be spending a lot of time looking round various shops and websites. My current flavour of the month is Hayes Garden World who have a huge selection of outdoor garden furniture so much so that there is almost too much choice!

What I have decided on however is I want to have a smallish table and chairs, and then a matching sofa/bench that ties in. Possibly rattan but i keep looking at the hardwood furniture and maybe I'd rather have that.
How nice is this!! (Oxford Woven Rattan Bistro Set)
It was easy finding the sunloungers for my mother in law, but choosing for my self is much harder! Maybe i'm too fussy or perhaps too indecisive, there's probably a joke in there somewhere haha!!

DG x

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