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Children love playing in the garden where they can be free to explore and make the most of the outdoors while being safely within your sight. Whether it is helping you with some planting, rolling around on the lawn, or enjoying garden games and activities, there is plenty to keep them occupied. In fact, there are so many things for children to do in the garden, that it can be difficult to know which activities are likely to provide the most enjoyment in the long run.

Enjoyment that lasts
Trampolines, swing ball, bouncy castles and a multitude of other games are all available to entice children into playing outdoors. From the parents’ point of view, the risk is that these activities, once played with, will be discarded and soon forgotten. Not so with a garden playhouse, especially one which is made of wood. These charming and attractive playhouses for children offer a timeless appeal that will help to foster your children’s imagination and encourage their creativity for many years.

Let children’s imaginations run wild
When it comes to keeping children occupied and entertained, the potential for garden playhouses is limitless. It might become a castle or a fort, perhaps even the home of a fairy princess or a space station; whatever it is that most kindles your child’s enthusiasm can be made real with the addition of a wooden playhouse in your garden. The really great thing for parents is that these wooden structures are dependable, hard-wearing and safe.

Quality wooden playhouses
Childrens playhouses from are high quality garden structures that come with a 10-year anti rot guarantee, and are available in a wide range of models. Suitable for either boys or girls, and with many additional features on offer, there is a playhouse for every child in the range. For example, a 4’ by 4’ Jellytot Cosy playhouse is perfect for toddlers and primary school children, giving them a space to play, have tea parties and even enjoy some down time in the garden. Whereas the 7’ by 5’ Jellytot Cottage Tower makes the perfect hideaway, command centre or fort in which children can forge lasting friendships and let their imaginations run wild.

Whether your children are active and adventurous or quiet and independent, they can benefit greatly from having a wooden playhouse in the garden. Of all of the playhouses for children available at, there is something that will suit every child, and will make the perfect addition to your garden.

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