Kew Gardens

One of the main highlights of Kew Gardens is the Victorian Palm House. This is quite simply a stunning building built in the mid Victorian Era it was one of the largest buildings of its type and is understandably now a grade 1 listed building.

The shape of it is reminiscent of an upturned boat, which is because no one had built anything quite like this at its time so the architects borrowed from the ship building industry. We were fortunate when we went that the building was almost deserted, so at times we had whole sections to ourselves.

Inside the Palm House, Kew Gardens London
Where is everyone
Cycad at Palm House, Kew Gardens London

Palm House, Kew Gardens London

The Beehive Ginger (Zingiber spectabile)
The Beehive Ginger (Zingiber spectabile). 
Up on the balconies you can see the way it resembles the upturned hull of a boat.

Intricate detail from a time when form was as important as function.

alocasia amazonica
Alocasia amazonica
Tropical plants in the Palm House at Kew Gardens, London
You can almost feel the heat and humidity in here

Tropical plants in the Palm House at Kew Gardens, London
Non stop lush green growth
Fiji Fan Palm - Pritchardia pacifica at the Palm House in Kew Gardens

Exotic Garden Blog - Alternative Eden
Taken from the balcony, and I didn't spot a name from this view. (but its a palm!)
Kew Gardens Palm House view
Another deserted view
The palm house can keep you occupied for couple of hours, and Kew Gardens really is a full day out. We have been many times over the years and always manage to find something new that is worth looking at in more detail or even an area of the gardens we haven't explored previously.

I will feature different aspects of Kew over the next few weeks, drawing on the other glasshouses, as well as various plant collections outside.

Kew is situated in West London, and is well connected to public transport. we arrived this time on the boat along the Thames from Westminster. If you are coming from further afield then it really would be worth staying in London for a few days and seeing some of the other gardens, or perhaps tie a visit in with the Hampton Court Flower Show in early July. If you are tying in the two attractions then a hotel based in West London would make sense for example any of the following would work well, Crowne Plaza Heathrow or Crown Plaza at Kensington, or alternatively there are several Holiday Inn Hotels well situated; Heathrow, Heathrow Ariel, Kensington Forum.

 Keep an eye out for our follow up blogs from other parts of Kew Gardens.

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