Make the Most of Your Garden this Summer

It’s official; summer is finally here. The warmer months offer the perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy the fresh air in your garden, there are a few preparations that you can carry out to ensure that your garden is looking its best and fully primed so that you can dash outside at a moment’s notice to make the most of every last drop of sunshine.

Summer Blooms
If you’ve missed the boat in terms of sowing from seed, there’s still plenty that you can do with bedding plants from your local garden centre. With a few choice blooms you can transform your flowerbeds in the blink of an eye, and you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to colours and shapes. To really maximise the impact of your flowerbeds, aim for a good mix of plants that reach the height of their flowering at early, mid and late summer so that your garden will be beautiful from start to finish.

Lawn Care
The lawn is fairly resilient to dry weather, but in a period of sustained drought it may need to be watered in order to avoid brown patches appearing across the turf. A sprinkler system is a great investment to take the hassle out of daily watering and to keep your lawn looking its best. While the summer is at its peak you should mow the lawn less regularly and with a higher blade height in order to reduce the amount of stress the grass is subjected to.

All of those beautiful flowers will need to be watered too, and when the weather is dry (even if it’s not sunny) they need a drink at least once a day. The best time to water your flowers is during the evening, to avoid the risk of scorching and to minimise the amount that evaporates in the heat of the day. To really give your flowering plants the best chance it’s a good idea to keep on top of the worst of the weeding, since these invaders will compete for whatever water hits to soil.

There’s nothing quite like hosting a social gathering in the summer, where you can relax in the garden and chew the fat as twilight falls all around you. If, like so many others, you didn’t have the opportunity to use your barbecue last year it’s worth dusting it off in advance of making any plans just to be sure that it is still in good working order after a period of idleness. Fire pits are another great addition to a garden party, giving you a focal point as well as a source of light and warmth.

To truly make the most of your garden, no matter what the weather might throw at us, you could go all out and create a dedicated ‘outdoor room’. This can be anything from a straightforward patio area to a full scale construction, but at the very least it generally involves a solid foundation and some comfy furniture to create a whole new space to enjoy on a regular basis.

This post was written by keen amateur gardener Nicky Hand. To really make the most out of a dedicated socialising space in your garden, creating an area of decking gives you a great foundation. Take a look at MillboardDecking for an environmentally friendly solution.

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