What to Sow in June

Everything is growing away and this warmer weather will have had a great influence on the allotment.

Lettuce: Keep on successional sowing summer lettuce varieties all the way through until  July - August to give you a wide range of salads in the Autumn. However, you will get patchy germination of lettuces when (if) temperatures are high. It prefers the cool. Get round this by sowing late in the day or in the evening, as the crucial time, temperature-wise, is about four hours after sowing.

Courgettes and cucumbers:

Courgettes and cucumbers grow fast, and because of that you can still just about get away with sowing them now and get good crops. And even if  you sowed your courgettes weeks ago, sow some more again. Your originals will eventually start to fade and these will keep you going.

Peas and beans 
This is the last chance to sow main crop peas, mange tout and sugar snap peas, so get them in the ground as soon as possible. Second sowings (or first, if you missed the boat earlier) of French beans can be made now, to pick up when earlier sowings lose energy.

Sow summer calabrese now, in to the ground. This is also the time to start sowing brassicas for autumn and winter use. Plants such as brussels sprouts need a long old grow. They do best sown direct, because this allows them to put down an anchoring tap root that will serve them well when the winter winters come.

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