Gardening Blogs UK Top 10

There are so many Gardening Blogs out there, and its hard to pick the best from the rest, however here is the current top 10 from Ebuzzing!
  1. The Patient Gardener's Weblog
  2. thinkinGardens
  3. Alternative Eden
  4. notSupermum
  5. Out of my shed
  6. Veg Plotting
  7. An Artist's Garden
  8. the blackberry garden
  9. Hurtling Towards 60 and Beyond
  10. Jekka's Herb Farm
EBuzzing works out the Blog ranking based on the score calculated by Ebuzzing which considers various numerous parameters including the number of visitors to each blog, the number of backlinks, the number of shares of its articles on Facebook and Twitter.

There are lots to choose from and well worth giving them all a read.

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