One in Four looking to Sunnier Climes

FOUR in ten adults want to leave Britain for sunnier climes because they claim the country's dismal weather is bad for their health.
Millions of people say damp, cold weather is having a bad affect on their joints, leading to daily aches and pains.
A poll by Regenovex, the joint care brand, of 1,000 people aged 35 to 75 - all with joint health problems - were questioned about their experiences with weather-related joint issues. An overwhelming 72 per cent of respondents said they suffered more from joint problems such as discomfort and stiffness because of the weather.
More than half (55 per cent) said joint problems increased during cold periods, followed by damp weather (45 per cent), wet weather (38 per cent) and cold, frosty weather (19 per cent), according to joint health brand Regenovex.
The most common symptoms triggered by poor weather were discomfort, stiffness, difficulty in getting up when seated, climbing stairs and moving generally.
Other problems included getting out of bed (20 per cent), bending down (17 per cent) and exercising (15 per cent).
The survey found that knees are the parts of the body worst affected by poor weather, followed by the back, fingers, hips, hands and neck.
One in three people said they put up with joint pain and did not take any further action, one in seven would take over the counter pain killers and 12 per cent would take a hot bath. Just five per cent would consult their GP or pharmacist.
While four in ten of those polled has considered moving to a warmer country because of their joint problems, one in nine (11 per cent) are actively contemplating relocation.
Approximately ten million Britons suffer from osteoarthritis and many more have undiagnosed joint stiffness, which increases with age and often affects women more than men. People with joint health problems often complain that cold and damp weather affects their health. Medical data and research by Regenovex has proved that changes in air pressure and temperature are linked to the severity of joint discomfort.
Experts say changes in air pressure can trigger an increase or decrease in pressure on arthritic joints.
Scientists say cold temperatures can lead to sensory receptors in joint tissues triggering discomfort. In addition, cold can lead to a thickening of the fluid around joints.
Many arthritis patients say they can predict bad weather up to two days before it occurs. Researchers say one explanation is that the body establishes an equilibrium in relation to the local climate so that changes in weather trigger an increase in discomfort.
Dr Emma Derbyshire, an independent nutritionist, said: "Joint discomfort and joint health issues are a huge problem in the UK with millions of us struggling in silence when they needn’t especially when sufferers could turn to Regenovex - a new generation joint care product.  What’s special with this product is it’s unique formulation which includes - Bionovex Oil  that has a proven anti-inflammatory effect and hyaluronic acid which lubricates and cushions the joints. Neither one of these special ingredients you can get from your diet."
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