Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden

Located close to Gatwick Airport is the fantastic Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden. The  stunning selection of sculptures chosen by owner-curator, Hannah Peschar, is extremely wide and varied with styles varying from figurative to highly abstract. The various sculptures use an  innovative selection of contemporary materials ranging from metals, wire, glass, ceramics and plastics as well as the more traditional stone, wood and bronze.

The grounds are simply fantastic, we visited in the Spring, I would imagine the autumn colours would also compliment the sculptures beautifully as well.
A large giant head lies amongst the undergrowth.
See through fungi on an old tree stump

Another large head, this one resembles part of an old giant statue. Fabulous colour in the woods.

Each sculpture is placed in the landscape with a carefully considered and meaningful relationship with the other featured works within the garden, which was created by the award-winning landscape designer  Anthony Paul. The overall result is an beautifully inspired combination of peaceful, enclosed harmony and dramatic, surprise vistas in an ever-changing environment.Whether you are fan of sculpture of just beautiful landscapes there is something for everyone.

If you are staying over then the Holiday Inn at Gatwick is conveniently located.

For more information and opening details check out their website


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