Save Money and The Environment

At the moment the cost of energy is very much in people’s minds with lots of news coverage as to prices increasing from the major energy companies. However have you looked at what you personally are spending and what steps you can do to reduce your own energy use. After all saving energy saves you money and helps the environment at the same time.

When you look into what you use there is a surprisingly large amount of the energy that you are paying for that is going completely to waste. Instead of heating your home, keeping you clean, charging your mobile phone or washing your clothes, huge amounts of gas, electricity and water are being lost and are of no benefit to you or your family.

There is a risk that by wasting energy that you are paying for that for many in this county they have to cut back elsewhere, and with the general cost of living increasing as well this can be difficult for many, which leads invariably to making sacrifices.

Fortunately if you have never looked at your energy use before it is actually surprisingly easy to make changes and therefore you won’t need to make many of those sacrifices any more. Identifying energy waste puts money back in your pocket without compromising on your home comforts and general quality of life, as well as giving you some peace of mind in knowing that you are doing your bit for the planet.

Luckily, energy providers E.ON are here to help you save energy with their Saving Energy Toolkit.  This targets energy waste in the home by identifying particular faults in your property.

There are many features of the toolkit – from charts and graphs that track your energy expenditure over a given period or analyse what areas you use the most energy on to a comparison tool that allows E.ON customers to see how their performance rates in relation to similar households in their local area – so you’re sure to find ways to cut energy usage.

The whole purpose is to encourage households to only use as much energy as they need and that’s why these great features are combined with plenty of hints and tips on how to reduce energy consumption.

How will it do that?

Many customers may well be entitled to have an expert visit them at home – someone with the knowledge and understanding of how your home should be performing in terms of its energy use. This is important as not every home is the same, for instance a house with solid walls will have different options available to a home with cavity walls.

They will be able to spot ways in which you can cut back on your consumption and subsequently your costs.

You could also be eligible for a range of discounts and special deals, or perhaps a smart meter, which provide more accurate readings and ensure that you do not overpay on your bills.

If not, you can gain access to a multitude of helpful tips to help you to target ways in which you can improve energy efficiency. These aren't complicated things – just easy to follow, simple and practical bits of advice that will help you to run a happier home.

By following the advice on reducing your wasted energy you can actually reduce how much you use without having to cut down on comfort levels, there is no need to be cold this winter to save money. Cutting waste is also not just a one off thing, by making your home more efficient you will save year after year!

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