An Alternative Use for Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass is finding some alternative uses in design. No longer the itchy astro turf that used to be used on five-a-side football pitches the modern artificial grass is soft, realistic and long lasting. With the improvements in quality it can be used in all sorts of places, and gardeners and landscape designers have utilised the modern grass in all sorts of cool and inspiring ways.

Ever resourceful, creative interior designers have quickly caught on to the alternative uses of artificial grass and some of the coolest offices are using it inside. Green is also an excellent colour to help make people feel calm and confident. The use of artificial grass is being used increasingly in offices where people are required to think differently, to be creative or to work in more unusual ways.

The Skype office in California features a circular lawn to kick back and relax or hold more informal meetings. Its even been used for picnics.

Not only suitable on the floor, San Francisco-based architecture firm Design Blitz transformed the building, even adding grass to the walls to create a really cool modern space.

If you are thinking of creating your own perfect space to relax then consider the benefit of artificial NAM grass, either in the garden, home or an office.

Google are well known for their cool offices, with slides connecting floors, arcade machines and all sorts of other ways to kick back in. Its not surprising that they have a grass floored meeting room. The Rock Room in Los Angeles features not just artificial grass but even artificial rocks! How cool is that?

I love the use of  cool wooden furniture and the grass, as well as the large plastic dogs.
How about a grass covered meeting room, just makes me feel chilled.
How about the ultimate canteen? This one at Innocent Drinks
With so many options and choices, the question is what will you use artificial grass for?


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