How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Alive

Inspect the Needles
Before you even select your tree make sure that you inspect the needles, they should feel flexible, not dry and brittle.

Cut the bottom of Your Tree

Before you put your tree in its stand, cut off the bottom inch or so of the trunk to provide a fresh surface for water uptake.

Water the Tree

As soon as possible, get the tree in water. The base of the tree should never dry out, so make sure your water bowl doesn't become empty! Generally a typical tree will absorb about a litre water each day for every inch of trunk diameter. That's probably a lot more than you would think!

Block the Sun

Keep your tree away from direct sunlight, heaters and fans because these things will speed up the drying-out process.

Keep It Humid
If you have a humidifier in your house, put it in the tree-room. It will help keep the needles fresher long, as well as reduce the risk of fire.

If all of this seems like too much work, opt for a potted tree instead and as an added bonus you can plant it in the garden afterwards!

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