Garden Storage Options for Your Tools and Bikes this Winter

Those cold winter months are just around the corner and that means that if you’ve not already started, then it is time to start making preparations for your garden. It may be hard to believe, but a garden is not all about your luscious lawn and well-tended shrubs and beautiful flower beds. From your BBQ to your bike to that abundance of garden tools you’ve collected over the years, there are just so many items that require protection from the harsh weather conditions. With those chilly, autumnal days are fast approaching and so there really is no better time to consider your winter storage options.

“Spring” Clean

It’s important to keep your garden tools out of the wind and rain and the more you look after your tools, the longer they’ll last. Ensure you clean them properly before storing them, or else they could rust or become stiff before spring arrives. A warm bucket of soapy water and a household sponge are the easiest way in which to do so, but be sure to clean those hard to reach places too.

If you’ve decided to put your bike into storage for the winter months or even just for a few days, then you’ll most likely want to consider giving it a clean and a quick check up before you do. You may already carry out a yearly service on your bike to make sure that is in safe, working order but it’s vital that your bike is cleaned and oiled regularly too. Especially if it’s going to go untouched for a few months, or else you run the risk of it rusting or tainting. 

Storage Facilities

Garden storage is a must for any garden and no matter how big or small your garden may be, there are plenty of options available to you. The garden shed is nothing new, having been a firm fixture in back gardens for many, many years and are the obvious solution to storing a whole host of items. Whether you opt for a metal, plastic or wooden frame, making room for a garden shed can help you to keep your garden tidy and your tools safe and secure.

It’s so important that you utilise the space inside your shed as best you can, especially if your shed isn’t the largest.
Clever space saving ideas such as mounting your tools to the wall of your shed, or turning old plant pots into storage containers.

Cycling seems to have become somewhat of a staple hobby for a huge amount of people this summer thanks to the Tour de France arriving in the UK. If you’d rather not store your expensive bikes with your lawnmower, then fear not, as there is an easy solution. Companies such as
Sheds and Things offer a range of bike storage options and whether you want to store one bike or four, they come in a range of sizes to suit you (and your garden).

Winter aside, keeping your tools, your bike and other garden items stored correctly is extremely important, not just in terms of maintenance, but in terms of security too.

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