Why Garden Furniture completes a Garden

Your garden is something very personal to you; you look after it, you decide how it looks and more significantly you decide what goes in it. With that final point I’m not just referring to the trees, flowers or herbs you may plant, or the appliances and tools; yes these are an important part of it but what really completes your garden above all is the furniture you choose.

It could be said that a garden without furniture is like a guitar without any strings – you have the basic elements but there’s a crucial part missing that you need to get before you can fully enjoy it. What’s more is there are specific areas of your garden that you will find have their own unique features when you acquire yourself some furniture for them.

A patio is without a doubt a place for socialising all year round; from the excitement of bonfire night to the warm late summer evenings – a patio is a place for friends and family to gather.

What you can’t expect though is for everybody to remain standing the whole time they are out there, nor will they have enough hands to hold all of the potential food, drinks and technical devices you expect to see at social occasions these days - the obvious solution to this is some furniture. Shackletons provide a fantastic range, from tables to loungers to sofas that will accommodate your every need. Also you will be able to find the type, size and material that you think best matches your patio – this is as much your choice as the rest of your garden and with the right ones your social events will feel just right.

Your Lawn
The other area that cries out for some furniture is your lawn. In the spring and summer months your lawn will be a lush emerald while your plants will be blooming and blossoming into a kaleidoscope of colour for you to enjoy; the autumn will then show off its pretty, golden browns before the winter potentially showers your garden with a blanket of crisp snow. Whatever the season nothing will beat sitting out in and relaxing on your own comfy bench or chair, feeling yourself calmly unwinding in your own personal Eden. 

Finally, much like your patio the choice is yours from a design point of view; the materials and types are entirely up to you. Channel your inner-nobility and go for a traditional 1900s Edwardian look or go for a more contemporary style – whatever you decide you will find that the furniture really does complete your garden.

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