Organising Your Garden in Time for Winter

Sadly, after a long and at times boiling hot summer, the winter months are coming and that means that the nights are drawing in, the days are becoming shorter, and that we’re more susceptible to rain. All in all, this means that the time we spend out in the garden is becoming incredibly limited. The bad (even worse news) is that once the autumn is over, we’re really struggling for time, and that’s why you have to ensure that you get your garden ready for the winter months now. Here’s how you can do just that:   

Tidy the Borders:
Autumn is the best time of year to dig up and remove poorly placed plants because the soil is still warm… it can also help you tidy those overcrowded areas! Cut back any faded perennials to around 5cm before adding a thick layer of compost, bark chips or manure. Because of the time of year, the worms will even do the digging in for you. This will leave you with fresh, tidy borders that will last the winter.

Plant Your Evergreens Early
To complement your tidy borders, you’ll want plants that keep your garden interesting. If not, it can look rather like a desolate landscape and can leave you feeling like you shouldn’t have bothered all summer at all.
The more evergreens you plant now, the better your garden will look in the winter, so fill the gaps in your borders with evergreens sooner rather than later. The choice of evergreen is up to you, and from Sarcococca to Fatsia, there are a number of great options available.

Prepare Your Equipment As Well As Your Garden
Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in our gardens and the way that they look that we forget about the tools that make it all possible. Ensure that all of your tools are stored carefully and securely for the winter, but don’t forget to give them some TLC first. Ensure all shears are sharpened, all spades are washed and all other tools are oiled to prevent rust.

Once you’ve washed and prepared them, treat them properly. Invest in a quality shed from ilikesheds and be safe in the knowledge that after the winter months, your tools will be in the exact pristine state that you left them in. Most places now even offer 48 hour delivery, so you can order now and have one by next weekend.

So, there we have it, three ways that you can make your garden (and the equipment in it) ready for winter. 

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