The Best Ways to Decorate your Garden

Hilliers Risk Garden At Chelsea Flower Show 2013Even the most attentive gardeners can still occasionally be guilty of letting their little piece of land become a bit ordinary and dull. Yes, you may keep the lawn nice and tidy, but it might be that you’re at a bit of a loss as to what you can do to decorate your garden, and turn into something paradisiacal that you are proud to show off, or content to simply sit in and relax.

Whatever your horticultural prowess, you’ll be pleased to know there are things you can adorn your garden with, both natural and man-made, that can bring your personal plot to life. Here is a selection of these effective approaches:

The Natural Way
Much like your lush, emerald grass, Mother Nature has provided you with a wealth of natural resources you can use to improve your garden:

·         Colourful Plant Selections: You can easily source pre-potted plants or seeds (if you fancy being more green-fingered) and by simply adding a few rows of brightly coloured plants that are specific to that growing season, you can really improve its appearance.

Hilliers Risk Garden At Chelsea Flower Show 2013
      Herbs and Scents: It’s not all about what you can see; you can grow some fragrant herbs or other plants like tarragon and jasmine, that can provide other sensory stimulation through their sweet perfumes and scents.

·         Creeping Ivy: As the name suggests, this plant can give a wonderful natural look as it grows around archways and entrances. Some even have it growing on their house walls, literally linking their home to their garden.

The Human Touch
You don’t have to solely rely on what the earth can offer though, as a race we are quite inventive and there are a huge number of man-made products that can equally provide fantastic decorations:
·         Ornaments: This can range from more traditional ceramic pots, to alabaster statues, or even rusted iron masonry. This really is down to you, but by dotting a few ornaments around your garden or amongst your plants, you can give it a truly unique edge.

·         Outdoor Lighting: By mounting lights on walls or hanging them around your garden, you can create a variety of different moods and atmospheres. You need to ensure you source durable and reliable makes though from a trusted retailer like Scotlight Commercial Lighting Ltd to ensure they are safe and stand up to the weather.
Hilliers Risk Garden At Chelsea Flower Show 2013

·         Furniture: A simple feature is to have garden furniture, this creates somewhere to gather and socialise and can give a complete and homely feel to your land.

So if you think your garden could do with a bit of a facelift, don’t continue to leave it languishing in mediocrity, get decorating now and turn it back into your own little Eden.

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