5 Tips on How to Make Your Sun Room the Best Room

The sun room is the ideal room for daytime relaxation; an unspoiled view of your beautiful garden, great natural lighting, and natural warmth only serve to soothe the mind and body. But what can be done to really make the most of a wonderful space such as a sun room? Here are some great tips for cultivating the most comfortable and clear space in your home.
Bring some of your beautiful garden into your sunroom, metaphorically break that barrier between you and the outside world! A few select potted plants and small trees, strategically placed in corners of your sun room towards your garden, will serve to blur the lines between outside and in, and provide a fresh, relaxing feel to the room in the same breath.
The Right Flooring
When considering how to go about decorating your sunroom, the flooring is an incredibly important piece of the puzzle. What goes down, and what lays on top, really pulls everything together. Light colours work best, reflecting instead of absorbing sunlight and consequently brightening the room yet more; studies show that lighter, cooler colours like blue and green are the best for projecting calm and harmony into a room. A rough-pile rug would add some texture, and provide a slip-free surface for any coffee tables or central furniture.
A Day Bed
Since much of your weekend relaxation will be taking place in this arena of light and colour, why not invest in a comfortable day-bed to take the weight off your legs? It would allow for stress-free napping, while adding to the room’s décor in whatever stylish design you choose. It would also double as a handy sofa/lounging space for family and guests alike – the perfect multi-use piece of furniture for your sunroom.
Art Features
Rather than seeking to clutter your sunroom with all sorts of furniture, keep storage to a minimum, seating a priority, and tactfully use some house-ward corner space to display some visual art – a sculpture or arrangement goes a long way to promoting relaxation and introspection, provides a talking point for when hosting guests, and in general another beautiful thing to take in as you sit.
A nice set of curtains would serve not only to block the sun out! Purple, being another relaxing colour, would provide an interesting frame to the outside world when undrawn - and implicitly also a beautiful feature for your walls – and when drawn, obscure your belongings from view and ostensibly prevent any opportunistic burglaries. Practical and aesthetically pleasing!

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