Extending the season

With winter fast approaching, now is the time to do a little garden prepping. From storing summer furniture in the garage, to transplanting any delicate plants from the garden to pots and moving them indoors, there are a number of factors to consider.

Dealing with the cold frosty weather

Harsh weather, particularly frost, can trigger a freezing process to take place in the water in plant cells. When this happens, plants appear blackened, limp and distorted. Even hardy plants can be damaged by severe spells of cold weather.

In order to prevent this damage, it’s wise to choose plants suited to your local climate. If you have the room, transfer any smaller plants indoors. Asides from plants, harsh winter weather can also have an affect on the home’s exterior.

From loose roofing ties to broken garden fences and cars damaged by debris, storm damage isn’t uncommon today. If you don’t already have home insurance in place, now may be the time to enquire about a More Than home insurance quote.

In the case of accidental storm damage, you can turn to your insurance provider instead of having to deal with any unplanned damage alone.

Growing herbs indoors

Growing herbs indoors allows keen cooks to enjoy the pleasures of freshly picked herbs each and every season. The likes of coriander, basil, mint and wild bergamot will all come in handy when garnishing warming winter soups and creating tasty Christmas dinners.

When moving these plants indoors, it’s important to do so carefully. Begin by digging around the roots to avoid damaging them and place them in a pot that is big enough to allow them to breath.

If you have a conservatory, this is a great place to put herbs, tender perennials and immature annuals whilst the weather is a little on the cold side. Once spring arrives, simply return them back to their rightful place in the garden.

Brightening up the home

As well as growing plants indoors, flowers can add a great deal of warmth to the home’s interior come Christmas time. Opt for floral arrangements in red, orange, yellow and green.

A vase of hot-hued flowers will make a great table centrepiece this festive season.

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