Get Growing

Growing your own food is all the rage at the moment, but more than just being a trendy fad there are lots of benefits of growing your own.

By growing your own fruits and vegetables you are in control, therefore you can reduce the amount of pesticides compared to supermarket produce, making them healthier and helping to protect the bees.

Growing your own fruits and vegetables will save you money, no more trips to the supermarket so at the same time helping you to reduce your food miles - you cant get much more local than just outside your own back door. The food is fresh, so the fruit and vegetables grown in your garden will promote health because they are rich in nutrients, especially in phytochemicals, anti-oxidants, vitamin C, vitamin A and folate.

If you have children then teaching them to grow their own fruit and veg shows them where the food comes from and also can hep encourage them to eat something they would otherwise ignore -fresh veg is often much sweeter than the supermarket produce.

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