Beyond Planting - Landscaping A Garden For Pleasure

As gardeners, we have some of the toughest jobs to do. There is always weeding, planting and digging to do. By the time we’ve finished all that work, we rarely have time to sit back and enjoy it! Of course, there are plenty of different reasons for tending a garden. You might have fresh herbs and vegetables for your plate. Maybe you grow winning flowers. Could you make some space for a little leisure too?

Landscaping a garden offers you the opportunity to divide your plot up. You could have a vegetable area still. And there is plenty of room to enjoy your shrubs and flowers. But why not build up some areas for dining, cooking, lounging and sitting? There are many ways to enjoy relaxing in your garden after your hard work. And you can design and build it yourself or use a London landscape designer.

Look at websites like that can offer the materials you need. Lean to areas can provide a little shelter from drizzle or direct sunlight. Gazebos or pergolas can also reduce the impact of the light. Building wooden frames give your climbers the perfect perch to climb. Soon, they’ll provide you with a leafy canvas to enjoy a natural little arbor or gazebo for sitting under.

Wood is the ideal material for steps and decking. Shaping your garden in this way with natural materials helps everything blend. You may be reluctant to allocate so much space to this purpose. But it gives you the chance to create paths and sitting areas that meander and nestle in amongst your planting and other garden features.

Water features continue to prove very popular like these at If you like the thought of relaxing in your garden, consider installing one. The sound and motion of the water can be very calming. See the water cascade from one area to another. Or why not have a waterfall wall? Some people include them as part of a pond. Others embed them within a rockery area. There are plenty of choices. The style and design is up to you.

When you design a garden that is multifunctional, it’s important to consider how you will connect each area. What will tie it all together? It could be a colour or a particular plant that features in each section. Black stain or a vibrant colour stain on the wood could be the key. Next, consider how you will move from section to section. Will it be a paved path? Maybe some stepping stones? Or perhaps a decking or veranda feature?

Dining and lounging furniture in the garden can be positioned to offer the best vantage point for each of your garden features. Consider a patio set that can be used for entertaining outdoors. You may have a bricked area for your barbecue. There may even be a play area for your kids. Each of these can be individually designed before you start landscaping your plot. The minimum area for a patio dining set is 2.5 by 2.5 metres. They are often situated quite close to the back door of the house. What will your dream garden look like?

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