Fun Ideas to Help Add More Colour To Your Garden

Probably one of the most common questions that a keen gardener gets asked is how you can make your garden look more appealing. Being able to add colour to your garden in a classic and subtle way is certainly a skill. You don’t want things to look too bright and brash, but equally, not too dull either. One of the best ways to add colour is using your flowerbeds and planters. You, of course, need to choose the right flowers to plant at the right time. Then the outdoor space can look stunning all year round. To create a flowerbed, a lot of us will just dig a part of the garden or lawn and then go ahead and start planting. You can make a good looking flower bed in many other ways too. Here are a few ideas for you to give a go in your garden.

Colourful garden

Get Creative with Your Use of Planters

You can use a huge variety of different things as planters. Old tin cans, buckets, Wellington boots and pots will work just fine. They can add a bit of a quirky look and add lots of colours while they are at it. You’d be surprised at just how much difference painting a tin can do for the look of the garden. If you wanted something a bit different, though, how about LED illuminated planters? The great thing about them is that they will be a light source at night too. Having some light in the garden is most useful when it comes to winter and earlier dark evenings.

Build a Rockery

Building a rockery is a pretty easy way to give a new look to the garden. They aren’t quite like normal flowerbeds which is why they are a fun addition to the garden. They are different because they can be used where the soil isn’t the best and where it might be a bit gritty. If you don’t have much outdoor space, then they are pretty perfect for that too, as they are self-contained. The plants that grow well in these are mostly quite small, so you know they won’t overtake the space too much. To start with you can lay down the foundations. Then you can add lots of rocks and small stones to the area. When you have the plants that you want, you can plant the plants around. It is a good idea to look into the plants and shrubs that grow the best in a rockery.

Raised Flower Beds

One way to add some colour with your flowerbeds is to make some raised flowerbeds. It might take a little more time, as it will need to be built up. So getting some wooden boards or railway sleepers is a good place start. You could use bricks or cinder blocks if you’d rather too. Just build them up and then you have the space higher up to work from. If you find that you get a bit of an aching back from weeding low down, then raising your flowerbeds might be the best option for you!

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