Digging Deeper Into The World Of Giant Vegetables

Growing our own vegetables is a pastime enjoyed by many - the fresh air, relaxation, having only the freshest food to eat at home. However, there are some gardeners who do things a little differently and grow their veggies for one purpose and one purpose alone - growing enormous vegetables.
The Weird & Wonderful World of Giant Vegetables

This infographic from Sun Leisure digs a little deeper into the weird and wonderful world of giant veg, taking a look at just what it takes to turn regular sized produce into something gigantic.

It looks at some of the most commonly grown giant vegetables, including potatoes, cabbages, pumpkins, and more, as well as lots of handy tips, such as what time of the year to grow and what pests you should be keeping an eye on.

Naturally, there are also some of the record breaking vegetables in there too, including a pumpkin heavier than a polar bear, carrots heavier than a bowling ball, parsnips taller than a giraffe and much more.

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