Ye Olde Garden: How To Get Vintage Style Into Your Back Yard

If you’re like many gardeners, you have a bit of a soft spot for homes that have vintage appeal. There’s something wholly romantic about anything that has a history. But getting that romance to spill out into your garden can be a challenge. Where to start?
The good news is that there are plenty of ideas rustling around for how to do just that. Anybody can now turn up to their local garden centre and start putting together their own vintage garden design. Here are some top tips.

Love Your Roses
Ever since the Wars of the Roses, the rose has been a central emblem in British history. So what better way to bring a touch of the old world to your garden than through the rose. It is the quintessential British flower.
Nothing gives a garden more of a vintage look than a wooden archway, adorned with pale, white roses. What’s more, roses produce a beautiful scent you can enjoy while reading on your garden bench.

Lay Down Rustic Sleepers
If your garden is split up into sections, a great way to section off different areas is to use sleepers. The problem is that many modern sleepers don’t look particularly vintage. The good news is that some sleepers, like M-track sleepers, have a rustic finish. This means that you can lay them down in your garden, even if you’re going for that iconic vintage effect.

Host A Tea Party
You don’t have to redesign your garden to make it more vintage, of course. You can just change what you do in it. A very good idea is to bring your table and chairs outside and have your very own Mad Hatter’s tea party. Set your table up underneath a pergola or an awning. Then dress the table with all the usual trimmings. Don’t forget the cake stand and your mother’s crockery.

Make Garden Buildings Look Pretty
In the past, garden buildings were the preserve of the rich, unless you were penniless, in which case you had an outhouse. As a result, they were beautifully designed and cared for. Outdoor buildings were a retreat, not some vulgar receptacle for your garden tools.

It’s easy to pretty up your garden buildings, like sheds. The first is to make sure that they’ve got a nice lick of paint. Duck egg blue is always a good colour for gardens with plenty of greenery. But you can choose from other rustic favourites, like cream or pastel green. Next, ensure that your outbuildings are beautifully situated. Nothing kills the rustic feeling of a garden more than sheds that are stuck out by themselves on big, concrete foundations. Think about how you can make your garden buildings look nestled away behind rows of beautiful flowers, trees, and bushes.
Accessorise Your Way Into The Past
The great thing about accessories is that they can fit into practically any space, no matter how small. Grab things like church candles, mason jars with tealights and fresh hydrangeas. Make your vintage garden stunning both day and night.

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