Gardening Trends To Re-Inspire Your Hobby

Gardening is something that many people enjoy as a hobby. It’s an opportunity to be creative, grow something from nothing, or just spend time in the great outdoors. A lot of people take real pride in their garden areas, and their hobby can go from strength to strength. However, some people can lose sight of their gardening purpose, so I thought I would share with you some of the gardening trends that could re-inspire that gardening spark inside of you hope. Re-igniting that hobby once more.

Colored structures are making a comeback

No longer do you have to hide your shed, storage areas or summer houses. Making them look like part of the garden. Now you can get inspired with color once more and enjoy making features out of your fences and garden structures. It used to be seen that these kinds of things were taking the design away from the garden itself, but it seems that more people are making these structures part of their overall garden design.


Increase in houseplants and growing vegetables indoors

Sometimes it’s not possible to have a huge exterior outside space in your home, especially if you live in a small home with just a yard or even an apartment. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of gardening through houseplants or even growing your own food. Thanks to things like hydroponics kits and tutorials advising on methods to successfully grow many things indoors. It means that now more people are feeling inspired by gardening and wanting to make more of their homes, even if it is a corner of their home.

Having a subtle garden design

While there is a huge trend to have colored structures, the complete opposite is happening to the actual garden itself. People are opting for a more subtle design finish in their exterior gardens. From softer blooms, to color coordinated flowerbeds. Gardens no longer have to be over the top for people to appreciate the hard work it goes into maintaining them.


Making the outside area an experience to enjoy rather than a labor of love

Gardening is a hobby that all can enjoy, but a trend that has developed this year is to make the garden a place where you can enjoy the experience of being outside, rather that it just being a place that has become a labor of love. Consider adding entertaining areas on decking, or even install a hot tub that everyone can enjoy on a warm summers evening.

Adding lighting schemes to your garden

Many people want to ensure that you can experience the garden, even when the sun goes down. So more and more people are choosing lighting schemes in their garden. But rest assured, this isn't going to run up your electricity bill, many lighting schemes use solar power which is a cost-effective way to light up your garden at night. It might even encourage you to use your outside space at night, maybe for entertaining or dining on a decked area.

Add a seating area or furniture 

Your home gardens, pool areas, and patios are as much a part of your home environment as your house interiors. These outdoor areas are even among the first things people see when they pass by or visit your home, so making sure they are tastefully designed and well-maintained create great first impressions before people even get to step inside your home. Know how to choose your outdoor furniture well so that they add to the beauty of your home, complement your interiors, and reflect a good image on you as well. Here are design and decorating tips that you can follow for guaranteed great visual appeal, or use as inspiration to kick off your own outdoor design ideas. 

Woven rattan chair and outdoor sofa sets 
Woven furniture made of natural plant materials such as rattan are great choices for breezy garden furniture that complements the outdoors well. Wicker rattan furniture is weather resistant, durable, and requires low-level maintenance. Being weight-bearing pieces, rattan seats are typically upholstered with sufficient cushions to distribute the sitter’s weight more evenly and prevent the rattan seats from sagging over time. If you have a rattan chair with no upholstery, use a throw pillow in an interesting color as a seat cushion. The unobtrusive tones of natural rattan make the colors of accent pillows pop even better, adding to the visual appeal of your furniture. 

Chunky wood benches 
Place large statement pieces made of timber at the end of your garden pathways. This creates a rustic and elegant look for your landscape, and also grants you a great view of your outdoor environment. Teak is a great material choice for its lovely tone and texture, and its reddish brown hue that eventually weathers into a silver-grey patina adds to the elegance of your outdoor furniture. If you want to retain the reddish brown quality of your teak furniture instead of letting it turn silvery over time, you can buy a brightener from teak suppliers to restore its original look. 

Metal wrought-iron chairs 
Wrought iron chairs are available in intricate designs and antique motifs. They are reminiscent of the classical French style, and are best used as functional yet interesting accent pieces against walls or within small kitchen gardens. Metal chairs used to be made of heavy cast iron that needed frequent repainting to prevent rusting. Nowadays, patterns can be replicated using materials such as aluminum and stainless steel, both of which are rust-resistant so no repainting would be necessary. Use the intricate details and graceful curves of metal chairs to inspire a vintage and romantic feel in your outdoors. 

Sun loungers 
Sun loungers with teak slatted bases are perfect add-ons to your pool area. Cover them with a towel and use them if you need to rest for short periods between swimming, or have them upholstered with cushions for extended lounging. If you need your lounger to be mobile for frequent repositioning, get one with a pair of small wheels for your convenience. Loungers with adjustable back rests offer you more options for relaxing, and are a practical choice if you want multi-position variety. Additionally, if you have a modern lounger, it can also be easily highlighted at night by outfitting modern outdoor lighting. Such style is pretty commonplace in modern homes these days especially those that see guests over at the pool area at night.

I hope this has inspired you to consider more gardening for the next year ahead.

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