The Secret To Spending More Time Outside Is Literally On Your (Back) Doorstep

We haven’t even reached the end of January, but I dare say you’ve already binned the majority of your New Year’s resolutions. Haven’t you?
Getting super fit, giving up Facebook, and becoming a better person were never realistic targets. But there is one resolution you can still keep: spending more time outside. Best of all, you don’t even need to leave the home to do it. The key is to start utilising your garden.   
If you start now, you could easily transform your garden in time for the spring and summer months. The first thing to remember, however, is to make practical decisions. You’re willing to put some work in now, but you don’t want to dedicate hours to weekly maintenance. Once the work has been completed, you want to enjoy it.   
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A little gardening can add huge amounts of aesthetic beauty. However, you can save time by using contained items like hanging flower baskets. You’ll still have a few flower beds at ground level, but reducing the overall maintenance is a great idea. Meanwhile, this also leaves you the option of growing fruit and veg. That way, your hard work will bring direct benefits. Another option is to replace some of those natural elements completely.
Building a beer garden is an increasingly popular option for the modern homeowner. Not only does it give the space a unique vibe. It also turns it into a place for entertaining friends and family. If spending more time with the people you love isn’t an incentive to upgrade your outside facilities, what will?   
For most people, committing to spend more time outside is partly inspired by a desire for healthy living. OK, you don’t need to live the perfect life. Nevertheless, a little exercise is always positive, especially when it’s fun. Trampolines and other garden games can be great fun for all the family. Or if you’re feeling creative, this DIY bowling alley offers competitive light exercise for everyone. In truth, you’ll probably spend hours practicing on your own too. This can only be a good thing in your bid to spend more time in the garden.   

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Creating a garden that looks great is one thing, but it needs to feel great too. Comfort is king, and you cannot afford to forget it. It’s not simply an area for daytime entertainment. Investing in the right heating and lighting facilities allows you to enjoy it all year round.   
The seemingly small elements do make a huge impact on your enjoyment, though. This kindling is kiln dried for a cleaner firelighting solution. And it will improve experiences with garden barbecues and fireplaces. Similarly, spending a little extra on better furniture and other key items will encourage you to spend more time in this area. Let’s face it; the novelty will soon wear off unless you are actively having fun.
Get it right, those habits of spending more time in the garden throughout 2017 and beyond. Apart from anything else, completing the job will leave you with an immense sense of pride. That in itself is another surefire way to ensure the benefits last a lifetime.

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