This Summer - A Beer Garden in Your Garden

There’s not a better time to start planning for new additions to your garden than now. Although we are still in winter (and will be for a while), getting prepared for the summer ahead  is important to save you from rushing around in the coming months. That is precious time which could be spent on carrying out work which is summertime only - think mowing, pruning and most essentially taking some time out to relax.

Make your garden the ‘spare room’ that you always use. Rather than having it as a decorative space to admire, this summer is shaping up as Garden Season for different reasons; people are spending more time in their gardens and inviting friends over than going out. And if they are going out, they’re going to places that provide beer gardens. So why not combine the two and make the perfect beer garden at home?

To do so, there are some essentials that need to be invested in to complete your look. Think about the scope of your garden; do you have a patio or decking already in place? If not, it’s time to start thinking about one. Not only does it divide up your garden, giving the illusion of more space and a smarter look, it will also provide a firm base for what’s to come…

This is probably the most important thing - the furniture. Consider a rattan corner sofa for cosy lounging, or even a picnic table to give your garden that authentic beer garden feel. It provides a focal point within your garden and somewhere to entertain your friends, so make sure that you have picked something that is stylish and will last so you are able to do this for years to come.

Adding a bit more atmosphere to the mix, pubs are increasingly adding outdoor heating to their beer gardens to ensure that the customer stays there throughout the night. While you won’t have any customers, you wouldn’t want your guests complaining of the cold. There has been a huge boom in the sales of firepits and chimineas, and the investment in either is definitely worthwhile. If you add it to the centre of where you are all sitting, you’ll probably find you’re warmer sitting outside than you are sitting in.

Realistically, that’s all that you need. It doesn’t take much to completely transform your garden from unused space to social gathering place. Friends will flock to wherever there is a warm and welcoming vibe, and all it takes is a bit of literal warmth and somewhere to sit and chat the night away. But don’t forget the drinks, whether alcoholic or not - there are a wealth of outdoor fridges available online should you wish to go a bit fancy and have your beverages within arms reach. If not, a trip to the kitchen will do just fine.

After doing these simples steps, all that will be left for you to do is sit back and enjoy it. That is, after doing all of your other garden duties … but at least this big step will be out of the way!

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