Give Your Garden Some Summer Lovin' This Spring

If you can’t wait for the summer months and the way that they bring out the best in all of your beautiful flowers, then why wait? Don’t wait for the summer when you can bring the summer to your garden now, in the springtime. As soon as the last dregs of persistently bad and wet weather have passed, and it is safe to get outside and make a start on sprucing up your garden, you should.

Start by trimming and tending to your grass that has, of late, seen no action and therefore grown out-of-control. Feeding your lawn like clockwork with granular feed should start as soon as is practically possible for you, and should then continue throughout the spring and summer months. If winter killed your grass well and truly, then not to fear, it can be rectified — you should seek to eradicate any instances of moss quickly though so that you can get to thickening the affected area of grass. And as soon as it is in a position to be tended once more, get to shaping and trimming it in order to bring the best out of it aesthetically. Buy a Hayter Mower to assist you in making sure your grassy area doesn’t look like it has a winter hangover and isn't suffering from wear and tear, but is instead in a pristine and perfect condition. Your grass is the centre piece of your garden, so should be the first piece of the puzzle that you seek to get in place as you seek to construct the perfect summer garden.

However, a garden wouldn't be the same without flowers in it — so it’s a good job you can get to planting summer-flowering bulbs as early as in the spring! Lilies, Gladiolus and Ranunculus are just some that can all be planted before the summer period kicks in, but will erupt to life and provide a colourful summer display when it does; if these don’t take your fancy, then make sure to check the huge catalogue on Thompson & Morgan to find the seeds and bulbs that can be planted during the spring that best suit your garden’s style and character.

You should also focus your energies on covering all of the practical aspects of owning and maintaining a sizzling summer garden. This means that you should be carrying out actions such as: clearing up your flower beds and borders, so that the dead growth of the winter is cut back and you can really focus on the future; sowing seeds that need a longer season, so that you’re covered in the long-run; hunting down any unwelcome garden pests, so that they don’t back around to bite you (or any guests you may invite over) on the bum when you host summer parties; cleaning your greenhouse, so that it is clean for the time when it is to adorned with trades of seedlings; and put-up, fix or paint any fences, gates and trellis. Doing all of these tasks, no matter how tedious they may seem, will mean your garden will have a sturdy backbone that you can work upon.

Getting your garden practically in order as early as possible in the year is a way to stay on top of keeping it looking aesthetically pleasing when the summer sun is shining upon it, so start pronto! Tending to your garden as if it were summer time now will mean you will be able to reap the rewards when it is in fact in the midst of it.

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