Create a Garden Your Dog Can Enjoy Too

Your dog is an important part of the family. He is always happy to see you; always there for you with a wagging tail when you’re down, so you should do what you can to take good care of him.
Dogs love being outside in the garden with the wind in their fur and the sun on their face, and who are you to deny them that? If you want to make your dog happy and keep him safe, you should create a garden your dog can enjoy. Here are some tips that will help you to do that:
Secure the Borders
First thing’s first – you will need to secure your garden so that your pooch can’t escape and get into all manner of mischief and danger. Erecting a fence or building a wall, at least around the area where your dog will be playing, relaxing and sleeping is a must. Make sure you dig down a bit into the ground and start building there because some dogs are known diggers who will be down and under the fence in no time given the chance.
Stimulate Their Senses
Dogs are smart. If they aren’t stimulated, they can get very bored very quickly, and you don’t want that. To keep them busy in the garden, put down paving slabs to create different pathways and section off areas for digging, sleeping and playing as a first step. Then, think about texture. Paving slabs, turf, water (If you install a water feature, make sure it is dog-safe), wood chips – give them plenty to explore.

Plant Hardy Greenery

Dogs like to run and play. They don’t stop to think about the havoc they are wreaking on the environment around them, which means that, if you want plants in your garden, you will need to go for hardy varieties that can stand up to pounding paws and wagging tails. Geranium and Leucanthemum are particularly good options.
A note on buying plants: Many plants and flowers are toxic to dogs, so always check a reputable source before you plant anything your garden.

Use Hedges
Make use of hedges and gates to section off areas where your dogs can roam freely and areas just for the humans, where flowers and plants will be safe from destructive paws and excessive peeing.

Build a Kennel
Your dog might like being in the garden, but when the sun is at its highest in the sky, he might want to sit in the shade for a spell, so either build or buy a good dog kennel where he can go to rest, drink some water and have a sleep in the shade.

Use Organic Pest Control

Slugs and snails don’t only eat your plants – they can also poison dogs who eat them, but pesticides and water feature additives can also poison your dogs, which is why you should use natural organic methods of controlling pests, weeding and keeping your water feature clean if you want to keep your pet pooch safe.
Do you have a dog? How do you keep him or her happy in the garden?

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