‘Excuse Me, This Is My Garden!’ 4 Ways To Make It More Private

What springs to mind when you think about a summer garden? The odds are that you will imagine a nice decking, a neat lawn, and beautiful flowers with vibrant colours. What you won’t think of is the lack of privacy. Unfortunately, lots of houses don’t have enough space between the plot of land and the neighbours. As such, it can feel like you are constantly being watched when you just want to enjoy the warm weather. The only thing to do is add features which safeguard your privacy. With that in mind, below are the tips that you will want to consider.

Put Up A Fence

The reason people go to companies like Oakdale Fencing and ask for an estimate is the effectiveness. Simply put, there is no better way to shut out the neighbours than a fence. After all, they are high and sturdy and solid, so what more could you want? The only issue is getting the height right. If you go too high, you will send a message that some people might take personally. The key is to get it high enough to restore your privacy, but not to make your neighbours think you are antisocial.

Plant Shrubs

Another option is to use Mother Nature to your advantage. That way, the people next door can’t complain about your fence being too high and shutting them out. To do this, you will need to plant shrubs that grow tall and have thick foliage. Then, the hedges will take care of the issue naturally without the necessity of a man-made contraption. Of course, they will need some care and attention as they can look cluttered and untidy when they grow too thick. But, if you trim them down once in awhile, they can be stylish and private at the same time.

Don’t Use Platforms

Lots of homeowners like to add a platform to their garden, particularly if they have decking. The problem is that a raised platform adds height and makes the grounds more visible. So, you will want to omit it wherever possible. The options are to forget about decking altogether and use stone as an alternative or lower the platform. Hopefully, this will help you keep a shred of decency the next time you are hosting friends or relaxing in the evening.

Be Realistic

Sadly, it is not practical to make the entire garden private because the space is too big. What sites like BHG says you can do, though, is take one area and concentrate on making it as closed off as possible. As long as you pick a part of the garden that is concealed to being with, it’s a much easier task. Plus, it will save you a lot of money and time as opposed to transforming the whole garden. Then, at least there is one space which you can enjoy without worrying about watching eyes.

Privacy is a big deal, and now you can treat it with respect thanks to the advice above.

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