Alfresco Relaxation: Turning Your Garden Into An Oasis Of Calm

For many of us, there are few places that make us feel calmer or more relaxed than our gardens. Sadly, we don’t all have outdoor spaces that are reminiscent of glossy magazine images, but if your garden is a diamond in the rough, there are lots of ways you can polish it and create a perfect space to chill out. Here are some top tips to bring calm to your outdoor area.

When you’re trying to add ambience to a room inside, colour is probably one of the first things you think about. Colours can affect our mood, as well as the look of the room and choosing specific tones and shades can help you to feel calm and mellow. The same rules apply outside. If you’re keen to use your garden as a tranquil spot to rest, relax and recover after a busy day, avoid colours that make you feel energised. Instead, choose shades that help you unwind. Rather than opting for neon pinks and bright yellows and oranges, got for whites, pastel shades and serene colours like duck egg and cornflower blue or lilac. You can add colour to your garden in many different ways. If you’re a keen gardener, fill planters, beds, and baskets with plants and shrubs that will last the autumn. If you have a low maintenance garden, you can add accents with accessories and furniture.

Feeling cosy
In the summer, you can kick back with a good book and a well-earned drink without worrying too much about the weather, but as temperatures fall, it’s a good idea to try and make your garden a cosier, more versatile space. Scatter blankets and throws around sofas and outdoor chairs and take a look at a patio heater buying guide. If you’re after something more rustic, a fire pit may be a solution worth considering. If you weatherproof your garden now, when it gets chilly in the evenings you can stay warm and continue to enjoy your garden.

Lighting can play an instrumental role in setting the tone both indoors and outdoors. If you long for your garden to be a sanctuary where you can soak up the peace and quiet and escape the hustle and bustle, use muted lighting that creates a romantic vibe. You could hang strings of oversized bulbs, add up-lighters to your patio or flowerbeds or even create a statement with free-standing outdoor lamps. Finish the look off by placing lanterns and LED candles on decking or garden tables.

Plants are not just there to look beautiful. They can also add a sensory element to your garden. Many plants are proven to have healing and calming properties, so if you want to de-stress, opt for lavender, bamboo and spider plants.

Do you love retreating to the garden when you get back from work or soaking up the sunshine on a lazy weekend afternoon? If you’re keen to use your garden to de-stress and chill out,  there are lots of ways you can create your very own oasis in your backyard. Think carefully about colours, choose plants that are proven to relax you, keep lighting muted and add heaters and soft furnishings to keep you cosy.

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