Greenhouses For Beginners

There are all sorts of challenges to gardening in the UK. From the unpredictable weather to unwanted garden visitors, it’s not always easy to grow things at the bottom of your garden. One solution to the problem is to invest in a greenhouse. The beauty of greenhouses is that you can buy them in different sizes, making them ideal for gardens of all descriptions. Gardening in a greenhouse brings about its own trials and challenges, so it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

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Read on for some useful information about greenhouses for beginners.
When building your greenhouse, you’re going to need to decide how much space you’re going to need. It makes sense to get a larger space than you think you need, as you’ll likely increase the number of plants and vegetables you grow in there once you find your feet. Remember that some plants also need plenty of headroom to grow effectively, so make sure you factor this into your plans.
Traditionally, greenhouses are made from glass - allowing easy access to sunlight and providing plenty of heat to help things grow. However, there are more versatile options available to you now that you should consider. A polycarbonate sheet greenhouse is a great alternative to the glass variety. It’s a lighter material that makes it easy to move around, and is also much cheaper to buy - ideal for those replacements for damaged panels due to weather or stray footballs. It might also be worth thinking about materials you can keep to hand for when the weather gets too hot - some sheeting or ventilation that can stop your plants from frying in the strong summer heat.
Another key consideration for your greenhouse is space. If you place your greenhouse in an area that tends to be shaded, it’s not going to have the best effect on your plants. When siting your greenhouse, think about where the sun will be and how much sunlight that area gets in the day. You’ll also want to make sure the greenhouse is near your home, to make sure you actually maintain its upkeep. You’ll need to be able to get water and even power to your greenhouse with ease, so placing it near these access points will be a huge benefit to you. If your garden has a lot of trees, you might want to consider some grow lights to help keep your plants thriving during the summer months.
Timing is everything when it comes to growing vegetables and fruit in your garden. Take a look at this great list of what vegetables to grow in your greenhouse and when to help give you a better indication of what to plant at different times of the year to help you make the most of your greenhouse.
Like regular gardening, greenhouse gardening involves a period of learning until you get it right. Having a greenhouse is one of the ways you can prolong the growing season and get the best results from your efforts. Sometimes it’s a case of trial and error, but by doing your homework in advance - you’ll stand a much better chance of greenhouse gardening success.
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