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As the weather warms up, more of us will be spending time on our patios relaxing and eating outdoor dinners. Here are some ways that you can spice up your patio in preparation for the summer months.

Spruce up with bold plants

Plants can bring colour to your patio and provide natural shade. These are best grown in pots. Use boldly coloured plants to make a statement such as salvias and irises. You can also bring fragrant scents to your patio with plants such as philadelphus and jasmine. Some scents may even be able to repel insects such as lemongrass. Meanwhile, you could also consider growing potted herbs such as thyme, sage and rosemary, which can then be added to your cooking when having meals al fresco.

Decorate the walls and fences

You can also decorate the walls and fences around your patio to make it feel like an outdoor living room. You could do this with ornaments or you could add hanging baskets of flowers or creepers. Mirrors and landscape wall murals can meanwhile make a poky patio area feel bigger.

Upgrade your garden furniture

If you’ve currently got cheap and flimsy plastic chairs and tables, why not upgrade to something a little more luxury so that your patio is more inviting? There are all kinds of different styles of outdoor seating out there, from outdoor lounge sets to quirkier pieces like swinging benches. Different materials are likely to have different advantages and disadvantages. Cast iron can offer a traditional Victorian feel as well as being heavy enough withstand strong winds, however it can be prone to rust. Materials like wicker can offer a more Mediterranean vibe and are waterproof as well as being sturdy, however they can be lighter making them more prone to be thrown around in storms. Try to keep to one style and material so that your patio has a theme and doesn’t look too disorderly.

Light the way

For staying out on your patio in the evenings, it could be worth adding some outdoor lighting. This could be a motion sensing wall light that runs off the mains, or you could opt for solar lighting that relies wholly on the sun’s power. Solar lighting is by far the most flexible form of outdoor lighting as you don’t have to trail a cord around, plus you get more use out of these lights than a battery operated light.

Provide shelter from the elements

A gazebo could help to provide shelter from the elements – whether it’s shade from the sun or cover from the rain. This could allow you to stay out without worrying too much about the weather switching. Find a gazebo that suits the style of your patio. You could also decorate this awning with lights or hanging baskets of flowers. Patio umbrellas are another option, although these exist mainly to provide shade.

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